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Floor Stripping and Wax

Our professional team provides various floor care services, such as strip and waxing, hardwood floor buffing and polishing. We're glad to serve many businesses in the NYC area, including offices, lobbies, malls, supermarkets, and commercial buildings.


Why floor cleaning is most important?

As dirt and grit build up in high traffic areas, they can leave beautiful floors looking dull. If not cleaned on a regular basis, floors can become scratched, nicked, or damaged. In New York City floor waxing services will help to ensure the cleanliness of your home or work flooring. With quality NYC floor waxing and cleaning, your floors will be able to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their shine and appearance.


Why Reliable Office Cleaning?

Our reliable cleaning floor waxing businesses provide excellent floor cleaning services for all types of flooring surfaces, including vinyl, tile, marble, ceramic, and hardwood. They can also clean cement, slate, terra cotta, and no-wax floors. NYC floor waxing services not only keep homes clean, but they are also often used in all types of businesses, both small and large. Skilled professionals from NYC floor waxing businesses can be used to maintain busy apartment complexes, schools, hospitals, hotels, day cares, and other places where commercial janitorial services are required due to high traffic.

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